Bibiana Hernandez

Bibiana Hernandez is a professional with a holistic vision and strong sense of excellence and integrity in the service to exclusive clients. She has extensive experience as an Holistic Therapist and Martial Arts Instructor, practicing and teaching Kung Fu, an ancient Chinese martial art.

Bibiana lived and trained in a Shaolin monastery, in Colombia since 1991, learning Zen philosophy, Qi Gong, and Chinese Boxing. Currently she still continuing her training at the UK Shaolin Temple learning more about the lifestyle of the legendary monks of the Shaolin Temple in China which has over 1500 years of history. She is a third degree Black Belt, has championed in various international competitions and graduated as a missionary of Shaolin Kung Fu. As an Holistic Therapist and professional practitioner of Spa treatments, She specialised in massage techniques for 18 years, worked in prestigious luxury spas in Spain, Sweden, England and on private Mega Yachts as Senior Therapist, Spa Supervisor and Spa Manager. Bibiana has worked privately and operated her own business in the industry of Wellness, offering Spa Services, Holistic Therapies and Qi Gong instruction to executive clients.


  • Health Consultant, Therapist and Alternative Physical Education. National School of Chen-Chiu, D.F. Mexico
  • Massage Therapist. Certified by the School of Technical Manuals ESPASANA. Spain
  • Qi Gong and Tai Chi Instructor. Superior Institute of Traditional Medicine, ISMET. Barcelona. Spain
  • Reiki Usui. Spanish Federation of Reiki Usui
  • Regression Therapy. Spanish Institute of Regression Therapy. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Sound Healing Therapy. Spanish Institute of Regression Therapy. Barcelona, Spain.