Moxibustion also known as Moxa has been used along side acupuncture throughout Chinese history. Moxabustion is carried out by burning a herb close to or on the body in order to warm and nourish the vital energy or Qi. The herb used is called Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris Latiflora). Moxa has a number of therapeutic effects. It can be used to treat a variety of conditions where cold is the causative factor. It can also be used to help nourish qi and blood. Moxa can come in a number forms. It can be used as a stick or as small cones, heated on the end of a needle or burnt in special moxa box. These methods are used to heat up various acupuncture points. Other methods, which we also use in the clinic, are Japanese rice gain moxa. This is where very fine gains of moxa are rolled and used directly onto the body. It is painless and deeply nourishing method of treatment. Patients find moxa treatment very deeply relaxing and nourishing and is often used a gentler form of treatment for children .