Shaolin Clinic is run by the UK Shaolin Temple Charity providing Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and a number of rebalancing and restorative therapies for the community.

From our clinic we treat a wide range of conditions with the aim at Providing safe effective and drug free alterative to health and wellbeing.

Along side our treatments we also offer many ways patients can regain control of their conditions by offering various lifestyle advice in nutrition and diet, exercise and general self support.

Our Practitioners are highly trained professionals with a diversity of techniques and specializations and are all nationally certified.

Conveniently located near many major trains and bus routes in Southampton. We are situated off the Shirley high-street and very close to Southampton Central and Millbrook Train Station.

Treatments are focused on the root of imbalances and not just on symptoms or disease. We treat a wide range of conditions from Acute Muscular- Skeletal to more long term chronic conditions. (please see conditions ). It is also interesting to note that Acupuncture can treat mental and emotional conditions too like anxiety and depression.

You will also be happy to know that a percentage of your treatment will go towards supporting the running of temple.